Best Performance Slider Module

Best Performance Slider Module


With this module, you can display sliders at the top of the home page. Our module is unique because you can create sliders for desktop and mobile separately.  This is really important because the web performance will be improved greatly.


Based on our testing team’s experience, you can expect to get an improvement of 30 points on Lighthouse. This module will improve your LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and CLS (Largest Contentful Paint) performance as well. Also,
our module works with multishop. You can easily promote discounted products or new promotions and set the required dates you want to display these. (For example, if you want your slider to be displayed only from next week for a few days, you can set a start and end date for the slider.)

What your customers will like

With this module, it is possible to display sliders for desktop and mobile separately. Because of this, the customers will have a better user experience with the custom mobile and desktop sliders. On mobiles, only the mobile slider will be loaded, on desktops only the desktop one. Because of the advanced optimizations, the content will not jump during while the page is loading.


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